Microsoft Office 2019 is a current and latest version of Microsoft Office. It is a suite of cloud-based application consists of applications like (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Sway, and Access) and adding Skype for business or for personal use. Microsoft Office 2019 is popular among entrepreneurs and enterprises for the ability to increase the rate in productivity install your product at

With capabilities like Information Protection and Compliance Include features like control, revoke or access to emails with encryption or data optimization. It comes with advanced message encryption to share sensitive through a secure web portal.

It comes with inbuilt security to determine threats and privacy incidents such as data leakage or phishing attacks. Microsoft Office 2019 helps you to enable to take action and rectify risks. Another feature includes Blocking sensitive information in conversations and data loss prevention.

Microsoft Office 2019 automatically updates security through Microsoft Cloud and helps to protect data and manage teams to prepare for audits all from Cloud-based compliance management tool.

Some of the additional features include the following to 2019:

  • Explore & Integrate: Microsoft Office 2019 Integrates with Microsoft Office 2019 & other Microsoft programs. It lets you create a trial account and test and integrate with the cloud.
  • Accessibility that enables users to access mail, documents, and other useful stuff regardless of whatever gadget or browser they use.
  • By the feature of storing data in the cloud ensures that all applications, documents are always available even in case of fire or flood.
  • Users can store the password in the system tray of their machine to avoid having repeatedly sign in into the account.
  • Service is available with 100% support and a financially backed uptime guarantee.
  • Finally Office 365 with inbuilt security you always know where your data is and can remotely wipe it from any device in case if it is lost or stolen.

How to redeem Microsoft office product key?

Microsoft Office is a suite of office applications with cloud-based storage developed by Microsoft. Office is available on almost every gadget including Computers, Tablets and Mobile devices. Microsoft Office supports every OS means it can run on any device.

However, it is available in different versions but the original version of MS Office is the most used versions widely used by user from all around the world.

In 2013, Microsoft promoted Office 365 as the primary means of obtaining Office on subscription basis it allows users to receive free features and updates to the software.

Components of Microsoft office:

The following are also the components of Microsoft Office:


  • Word: used to create documents.
  • Excel: An application for creating spreadsheets.
  • PowerPoint: A powerful presentation can be created using this application.
  • Access: A database management system used to analyze and summarize the data.
  • Outlook: An email client used to send or receive mail with advanced security.
  • OneNote: A note-taking program used to gather handwritten or typed notes.
  • Publisher: An application used for designing brochures, labels, calendars, greeting cards, business cards, newsletters, web site, and postcards.
  • Above all Skype: An integrated communication client for conferences and meetings in real time.


  • Office Lens: An image scanner optimized for mobile devices. It then captures the document via camera and then straightens the document portion of the image.
  • Office Remote: An application to turn mobile devices into a remote control for desktop versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Procedure for the installation of on Windows Computers:

  • Following are the steps for the activation of program:
  • Open any browser whether Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer or any other browser and type & search
  • Select Microsoft Office & Sign in to your account if you have an existing account or create one for the first time.
  • Then, enter the 25 digit alpha-numeric key product key.
  • The product key is scratchable & can be found on the backside of Microsoft Office Product.
  • Choose & Select your subscription plan & Click download to start the downloading process.
  • After downloading Microsoft Setup click on run or save the file & then install.
  • Follow the instructions wizard to complete the activation process and begin your journey with Microsoft Office.

Procedure for the installation of on Mac Computers:

  • First of all, Open any browser Safari or Google Chrome & type & search for
  • Then, Log in with the email ID if you are an existing user or create new if you are using it for the first time
  • After that, you will have to pick any plan you would like to install & click install.
  • Then, Enter the 25 digit alpha-numeric key product key.
  • The product key is scratchable & can be found on the backside of Microsoft Office Product.
  • Then, After downloading the installation package, open Finder & search for downloads.
  • Now, Click twice on Office_Setup_2019_Installer.pkg & follow the instructions wizard.
  • Then, After its download, Search for MS Office in the Launchpad & open to Get started.
  • Enter the product key & Activate Microsoft Office.

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